Video of Set up for SBE!!

Hannah W. Hurrle- Stupid Bitches Everywhere- SPG 2008 from Zac Eubank on Vimeo.

Hannah Hurrle's show at Skinless Productions Gallery. Filmed and Edited by Zac Eubank.

February Collage p.II

I made this second collage using the same process, embracing chance via Jean Arp. I changed the shapes to stripes and reversed the color application (white first). Both works are aesthetically pleasing without asking too much of the viewer. As a result of creating these, I've learned that I can use a simple technique and avoid personal signifier s)

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February Collage p.I

This collage was arranged according to the laws of chance, a throwback to Jean Arp and the Dada <3 for randomness. I built upon this technique by focusing on color, omitting the color white until after the aqua,blue,pink,and yellow had been applied. Other controls were shape (triangles, diamonds, quadralaterals) and the probability of each shape landing sticky side down within the penciled square.