photos by Maria Gonzalez and HWH


Two Collages / 2009 / disk label collage on black matte board / 75

Bacchae / 2009 / ink, pen, glitter, whiteout, collage / SOLD

LIBRARY / 2009 / digital short film

Soft Sculptures / 2010 / pantyhose, polyester filling / 50

Illustration of Dream / 2010 / 17" x 14" / collage, gouache, shiny stuff, sun-bleached construction paper, ink, whiteout */ 135

First Edition / 2010 / 9" x 11 2/4" / color print of paper collage, whiteout, pen / 50

Dolphin I / 2010 / 5 1/2 x 8 1/4" / gouache * / 50

Dolphin II / 2010 / 5 1/2 x 8 1/4" /gouache * / 50

Wonderworks / 2010 / pen, paper, cardboard, book tape / 20

Matches / 2010 / watercolor, paper, book tape, book paper / 75

Flying Dream / 2010 / gouache, pen, plastic * / 175

Illustration of Time Sculpture / 2009/ glass box, shells, glitter, paper, pencil, time / NFS

Light Record / 2010 / 9" x 11" / sun bleached construction paper, shiny wrapping paper, spray mount / 50

Creature / 2010 / 8 1/4" x 5 1/2" / gouache, pen, archival glue, galkyd oil medium, collage / 100


Illustration of Time
Sometimes I didn't get the intellectual credit I felt I deserved as a seven year old. On one day in 1992, I promised that as an adult I would never be condescending towards any person seven years old. I also vowed to not ever wear blue eyeliner. Four years later, I am tucking a note inside a shell, making another promise to keep the note in the shell for as long as I am alive. As a prank on my future self, I wrote that it was "nothing exciting". By doing this I have "created" mental "portholes". These letters and promises. They are a quick read, and have proved most effective as a means of temporary escape.

Soft Sculptures
Male and Female sex organs. My own stockings.

Illustration of Dream
Three women have drinks at a table. They are surrounded by large dark sculptures casting iridescent shadows. One woman stabs the woman next to her in the head with a wine glass. The woman says, "Girls, is there something sticking out of my head? No, really, tell me! I can feel something, is something there? OK OK ha ha ha take it out take it out." Then I wake up.

A five year old list. A profound historical document.

Filmed inside the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Coffrin Library. In 1998, my family moved into a 100 year old farmhouse in New Franken, Wisconsin. This library was a short, downhill bike ride from our five acres. I particularly enjoyed the view of Lake Michigan from the top floor, the thousands of object-books, the smell of ink and dusty leather, and the late 1970s furniture. This place was my sanctuary when I felt like daydreaming. My father passed away in May of 2009. While I was there for the funeral, I went back to the library. I filmed my feet walking down the stairs, the slow trace-like walk through the stacks of books, trying to visually isolate my favorite vacation spots. As I felt that moment, and what I have tried to exemplify in this film, is that there is no place you can truly escape to. Where ever you go, your feet and your heart go too.

Two Collages,
First Edition VOGUE 1980,
Light Record
I neatly composed a collage. Then I cut it into pieces. I dropped the cut up pieces of a 1980 Vogue, iridescent paper, and disk labels one at a time onto separate backgrounds, gluing them where they fell. If the piece fell upside down or off the background, more attempts would be made until it landed within the background, right side up. This is also how I determined the drop height for the different shapes. In Two Collages, the dropped shapes seem to form a spiral going into, or coming out of deep space. In First Edition VOGUE 1980 and Light Record, the shapes seem to be tumbling downward.

In college I took a 3d shop class. One of our class projects was to make a weather vane. After drawing and cutting the shapes for north, south, east, west, and welding the directional indicators onto a base, I realised all I had done was make something that resembled a weather vane, but was unbalanced and unable to rotate. Putting function aside, I turned the project in with the explanation that it was "A sculpture of a weather vane". My professor gave me a D. Matches was intentionally made to be a sculpture of a match book. It is a sculpture of the feeling you get trying to run in slow motion.

After the messenger has relayed this news, Pentheus' mother, Agave, arrives carrying the head of her son. In her possessed state she believed it was the head of a mountain lion, and she killed him with her bare hands and pulled his head off. She proudly displays her son's head to her father, believing it to be a hunting trophy. She is confused when Cadmus does not delight in her trophy, his face contorting in horror. By that time, however, Dionysus' possession is beginning to wear off, and as Cadmus reels from the horror of his grandson's death, Agave slowly realizes what she has done.

Dolphin I,
Dolphin II
I experimented with printmaking by painting landscapes onto canvas and pressing them onto paper. After I had made the prints, I noticed a shape resembling a dolphin, floating above the blue waves of gouache. Paint left from a previous landscape had carried over, taking the shape of a dolphin in the process.

The creature is a phosphorescent ghost made of deceased dreams and decaying magic. It waits for our return in the underground forest.

Flying Dream
An oceanic life form dreams of flying into the sun.


"New collages, illustrations, paintings, sculpture and a short digital film comprise Hurrle's "Escape," opening First Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Base Gallery in the Crossroads. The artist has attended the Minneapolis School of Art and Design, where she studied art and music until 2005. She moved to Kansas City in 2008, and at 24, states her influences to include a 1979 Rapid Visualization drawing manual, zine publisher Max Ernst, personal heroine Louise Bourgeois, Edward Gorey, Richard Brautigan, and the Dada collage artist Hannah Hoch. She is currently illustrating a book and planning windows for BNIM's 10 program, to be installed this summer. "

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